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Before they were kings...these young men made a decision to change their minds.

In doing so, they changed not only their lives but those of future generations. The gentlemen of Boys II Men have shined in spite of the difficulties, hardships, or roadblocks that they might have faced personally or culturally. Whether it was the young man who was in trouble with the law who went on to become Valedictorian of his school or the young man who was abandoned by his family yet thrives on a full scholarship at college, they all have stories. They have stories of tragedy and triumph that have allowed them to set their sights only on the level of excellence and nothing less.

Oprah Winfrey says to tell your stories so that others may be healed. Here are just few stories of empowerment, a few Profiles in Excellence...

2012 Phenomenal Man Awards

2012 Phenomenal Man Awards

"Celebrating the Year Of The Gentlemen by honoring: Theodore Matthews, Matthew Vega, Cameron Thierry, and Diego Perez."Play Video


2011 Phenomenal Man Awards

"Honoring 2011 Phenomenal Men of the Year: David Blancas (Aurora University), Royel Johnson (University of Illinois) and Aaron Westbrook (Northern Illinois University)."


Greetings from the B2M Scholars: Gilberto Chaidez & Jamario Taylor

"Class of 2009 Co-Presidents, Gilberto Chaidez and Jamario Taylor, welcome young men to the Phenomenal Man Awards. Taylor is an Education Major at Western Illinois University and Chaidez is a Civil Engineering Major at the University of Illinois."


Andre Jones

"B2M Tampa President, Andre Jones, recently signed his D-1 Letter of Intent to run track for the University of Missouri at Kansas City. He is the first athlete from Spoto High School to ever sign to a D-1 College/University! Tampa Bay News 9 covered his story!"


Adam Welton

"He was the homecoming king, the senior class president, the lead in school plays, named to Who's Who Among American High School Students and the 2002-03 "actor of the year."


Carlos Rivera

"Rivera was a four-year starter at East and a four-time member of The Beacon News All-Area Baseball Team. This past season he hit .411 with 21 stolen bases batting third for the Tomcats"


Gilberto Chaidez

"Gilberto Chaidez, 17, a senior at West Aurora High school said that it is his dream to study Civil Engineering. This career would allow him to do what he likes to do and, at the same time, give back to the community that has helped him become the young man that he is today."


Ignacio Cervantes

"In fact, because of the tough job market, entrepreneurial teens like Cervantes are encouraging their peers to get creative about the job search this summer. By working for themselves, or taking on a non-traditional job, teens might just pick up on something they love."


Jamario Taylor

"He was captain of the basketball team. Class president. Junior ROTC participant. Drummer in the school band. Member of local hip-hop dance group. Varsity football player. Captain, team that handles morning public-address announcements at the school."


Jared Marchiando

"Highest grade point average in his class for all four years of high school, president of Student Council, the first student to serve on the East Aurora School Board, National Honor Society publicist and representative of his senior class."


Jomar Mendoza

"A consummate team player, he's one of the hardest working kids I know. He knows one speed and that's all-out effort."



Josh Jones

"From the moment he was introduced, Jones seemed to be the fan favorite. Throughout the performances leading up to his, the crowd filled with family, friends and relatives constantly chanted his name."


Josh Welton

"The former Aurora Idol runner-up has become the talk of more than
just one town ever since he shined at last summer's Downtown Alive!
singing competition."


Juan DeLaTorre

"After seeing a presentation on the Navy Junior ROTC program at East Aurora High School, Juan DeLaTorre saw a possible path to a better life."


Leon Spears

"I accomplished a lot this year," Spears said. "Last year I had like 600. I came back stronger and faster and got over 1,000. (yards) It's a big accomplishment for me."


Octavio Donatlan

"At 19, he is both a statistic teachers use to illustrate the perils of
becoming a teen parent, and a story of ambition and creating a
better life."


Roberto Saenz

"Ivy League schools just seemed so far (from reach)," Saenz said. "I thought, why bother. But now it's possible; I'm going there.
I'm hoping this will be my back door in."


Samory Liggins

"As the district's newest appointed student School Board member, Liggins is now in for twice-a-month meetings that can drag long into the evenings, debates over millions of dollars in budget
cuts, and fielding the gripes of his fellow East High students."


Tavarrie Meeks

"From the kid who didn't participate in anything, he has now made honor roll, had a role in the school play, ran for homecoming prince, participates in choir, ran track last year, and recently decided to join the tennis team,"