The B2M family tree also includes four other branches that focus on younger males, college students, young ladies, and young fathers.


The B2M Scholars is the alumni and college sector of Boys II Men. Founded after the graduating Class of 2005 matriculated to college, the Scholars serve as examples of excellence and education for the Phenoms of B2M. Attending colleges throughout the world, the Scholars are leaders on their campuses and remain committed to the communities in which they reside.

Each year, the B2M Scholars sponsor the Talented Tenth College Seminar during their winter break. The Talented Tenth College Seminar is a comprehensive and realistic view into the college lives of young minority achievers.

Instituted: January 9, 2006
Motto: Veni Vidi Vici (I Came. I Saw. I Conquered.)
Colors: Black, Brown, and Blue
Tagline: A Scholar and a Gentleman
Principles: Scholarship and Selfless Service
Nicknames: The Scholars

The B2M Juniors is the official service initiative of the Boys II Men Fraternity. As little brothers to the Phenoms, the Phenom Juniors or PJs as they are affectionately called, are elementary and early middle school students who are guided on their course in life by the Phenoms.

The Juniors have two phases: a community-based group that meets with the Phenoms on a regular basis and school-based groups that are mentored by Phenoms during their school hours.

Instituted: September 2006
Motto: And a Child Shall Lead Them
Colors: Black, Brown, and Gold
Principles: Education, Discipline, Culture, Service, and Brotherhood
Nicknames: The PJs

The Diamonds Sorority is the sister-organization to the Boys II Men Fraternity. With the same mission and vision as the Phenoms, the Elles of the Diamonds are a unique sisterhood dedicated to advancing the achievements of young minority women in high school.

The Diamonds host regularly workshops on self-improvement and female empowerment.  Focusing on elegance, the Elles present an image of classiness and dignity in their daily lives and in their work with younger female students.

Instituted: November 19, 2006
Motto: Aspire to Inspire
Colors: Black, Brown, and Pink
Tagline: Elegant Ladies Leading By Example
Principles: Elegance, Education, Service, Culture, and Sisterhood
Nicknames: Elles

Fathers who are Young and Involved (F.Y.I.) is an initiative for young fathers who care for and there for their children. These young men desire to shatter the stereotypes and statistics of fatherlessness by making their children their top priority.

Ranging in ages from teenagers to early thirties, the gentlemen of F.Y.I. form a network of young fathers who offer support to each other and guidance to the next generation so that the cycle can be broken and the community can be healed. .

Instituted: June 20, 2010 (Father’s Day)
Motto: And a Child Shall Lead Them
Colors: Black, Brown, and Sky Blue
Tagline: Elegant Ladies Leading By Example
Principles: Fatherhood, Family, Faith, Focus, Fortitude